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Havoc Chaos Space Marines

Author: Havoc (Submitted by Havoc)
Category: Chaos
Version: 1.0 Size: 507KB
Description: A new look for the Chaos Space Marines, based on some official models and looking like a new model!

From the author:

The main idea of this retexture was to make something to look like CSM havoc from Games Workshop (notice the backpack, no horns etc.)

I made some upgrades to the project above (added my stuff) but the main idea remains the same.

I've done whatever I can, but it is still a retexture, it is not a new model!

List of changes(sort of):

  • Changed some color aligns(from primary to secondary , trim etc)(I wont write them here, too much of this)
  • Removed a part of backpack
  • Changed texture on top of backpack
  • Texture added under the chest armour
  • Some changes has been made to upper leg armour
  • Right pauldron texture changed
  • Added mask on face in secondary colour
  • Added arrow on head in Trim colour
  • Eyes has been changed (No smartass posts about Chinese look please)
  • Removed horns

Rating: 4.2 from 5 votes (3 comments)
Added: 19/11/2005 Downloads: 2672


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