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Iron Hands Terminators

Author: Havoc (Submitted by Havoc)
Category: Space Marines
Version: 1.0 Size: 619KB
Description: A new Terminator skin for the Iron Hands chapter, adding team colourable bionics to the veteran warriors.

From the author:

Iron Hands terminators are very rare in w40k world. But they exist. This motivated me to create Terminator for My iron hands retexture set.

This Retexture is based on Quebec Dug's Dire Drakes terminator skin.

List of Changes(since dug's version):

  • Made a mask on helmet in primary, rest of it in secondary.
  • added new texture of grill on the back
  • added cyber something on top of the armor connected to the grill on back.
  • added wires on the elbow and knee in perma grey.
  • wire connecting pauldrons with the fists is now secondary(instead of perma black)
  • new texture added on right fist.
  • right fist is secondary
  • removed left kneepad
  • added metal texture there in perma grey.
  • Added yellow-black texture on lower leg (the same that is on powerfist)
  • Left leg is all in secondary exept of the permament grey or blac-yellow parts.
  • added metal texture on tip of the left boot
  • added some perma grey on upper left leg.
  • cross parts on left pauldron in trim
  • rest of the cross non-teamcolourable
  • added my invented iron hands sign that is on my every IH retexture
  • diamond in the middle of it , in trim.

Rating: 4.8 from 4 votes (3 comments)
Added: 19/11/2005 Downloads: 2099


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