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Rhedd's Force Commander

Author: Rhedd (Submitted by Rhedd)
Category: Space Marines
Version: 1.0 Size: 1.7MB
Description: An update of the new 'extra gold' Force Commander in Dark Crusade that improves the gold and replaces the face.

From the author:

I set out to change the flashy gold of the new commander's armor to a color that matched Hangar-8's wonderful Marine reskins, but while I was at it, I decided I just couldn't stand the new guy's face any longer.

I loved the old FC, but I didn't want to just retexture the new guy with that face, since he's a different character, and should stay that way.

What I ended up doing was blending the old texture with the new, to give him the same nobility and character of the old commander, while keeping some of the feel of the new one.

Then I changed his eyes to a fiercer color, and added his service studs back in. Service studs!! Was the new guy a raw recruit? Where were his studs?

Download contents: WTP, RSH and RTX (Dark Crusade campaign) textures for the Force Commander and his new Dark Crusade equipment.

Note: this download does not include a readme. Please check out Using Skins in Dawn of War FAQ for information on how to install skins.

Additional note: this download may also work with Dawn of War and Winter Assault if installed in the correct directory.

Rating: 4.8 from 4 votes (3 comments)
Added: 28/10/2006 Downloads: 546


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