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Team Colourable DC Force Commander

Author: Chcknslvdrvr (Submitted by Crystalking52)
Category: Space Marines
Version: 1.0 Size: 1.2MB
Description: A more extensively team colourable version of the Dark Crusade Force Commander. Although not in the 1.3 (pre-gold) style, he is closer to a codex colouring.

From the submitter:

Changes: gauntlet's insides set to Primary, pauldron's insides and purity seals set to Secondary, gauntlet, belt and pauldron's outsides set to Trim, belt's inside set to Trim 2, Blood Raven removed from gauntlets, and finally, banner added to the cape.

From the author:

These changes were made to reflect the way Space Marine Force Commanders paint their armor in accordance with the 'fluff' of the 40k Universe. You may think that the non-gold Eagles are unfluffy, however, many space marine chapters don't even use gold or not much. For example, the Dark Angels frequently paint their eagles silver instead of gold (I would recommend modifying the color scheme to better reflect this. The standard one features far too much green). Additionally the Blood Angels frequently paint their eagels white, or just pure yellow (instead of gold). As such this skin is designed to provide a skin that is versatile enough to accurately portray as many chapters as possible.

Screenshots will be added soon.

File contents: WTP texture files for the Dark Crusade Force Commander, plus readme.

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Added: 09/12/2006 Downloads: 445


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