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Uber Painter Mod for Winter Assault by IBBoard (11 comments)

By Guest on 19/01/2006 (Rating: 4):
Installed well enough, and appeared to run w/o problems... except it apparently overwrote/erased any custom schemes I'd already come up with.

This side effect wasn't mentioned anywhere here that I've read? Luckily I've made a record of each of the schemes I came up with outside of DOW, so I can remake them.

Reply from IBBoard: I'm guessing you're sunray, as this is about the same as the post on the forums.

The UberPainter mod works in the same way as other mods, and has its own folder within your Dawn of War profile. All .teamcolour files are saved in the mod's folder, and so will not be available when you run another mod. If you want to make your previous .teamcolour files available in all mods, check out Can I make a teamcolour file be available in several mods? in our FAQ section.

By Guest on 03/02/2006 (Rating: N/A):
couldnt even download it

Reply from IBBoard: That isn't the fault of the download/author. An inability to download files is usually due to a combination of blocking cookies and referers, as stated on the page that would have told you that you were stopped from downloading it.

This is a security measure designed to ensure that external sites don't steal bandwidth by linking directly to downloads, and is something that over 400 other users each day to not have a problem with.

Vote nulled.

By Guest on 10/02/2006 (Rating: N/A):
Where is the Dawn of War Installation folder ???

Reply from IBBoard: As stated on the comment form, this should have been emailed to me and not left as a comment

The Dawn of War installation folder is whatever you chose when you installed the game (e.g. c:\program files\thq\dawn of war\).

Somehow this seems to have caused confusion for a few people. In future I will rephrase it to "the folder that Dawn of War is installed to". For now I will add it as an FAQ question.

By Guest on 10/02/2006 (Rating: 4):
it wont let me place it there.

Reply from IBBoard: As stated in response to the previous comment, the comment form is not for use as a support form. If you have any problems then please contact me.

The files must be extracted into the Dawn of War directory. If you cannot do this, then either their is a fault with your computer or you do not have sufficient permissions and you need to contact the person who has the Administrator level account.

All future 'support' comments will be deleted.

By Guest on 09/03/2006 (Rating: 4):

By Guest on 18/03/2006 (Rating: 5):

By Guest on 09/04/2006 (Rating: 3):
great mod shame more people dnt hav it making online a lot easier

Reply from IBBoard: The mod wasn't designed for online play, more for making your own colour schemes. If you want to play online, I recommend disabling the mod and reverting to standard DoW/WA and following the instructions in the FAQ question "Can I make a teamcolour file be available in several mods?

By Guest on 23/08/2006 (Rating: 5):
I've always wanted to view all the units, and buildings for every race. So when I saw this mod, I had to download it, and what made it better was that it was FREE! I am very pleased with this mod. And now im looking for a way to use the tutorial schemes in skirmishes, and multiplayers, because they look really awesome to me! Thanks again for the mod! 5/5

By Guest on 03/11/2006 (Rating: 4):
Well worth having, well done!

By Guest on 20/11/2008 (Rating: 5):
Could you do a soulstorm and dark crusade one I would love painting necrons and tau

Reply from IBBoard: There has been a Dark Crusade version since November 2006 and the Soulstorm version was in development before the expansion pack was even released.

By Guest on 14/12/2014 (Rating: 5):


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