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TeamColour FAQ

Questions about the .teamcolour files used by Relic and how they can be used

All of my teamcolours have disappeared/been deleted when I ran a different mod. How can I get them back?

Please see Can I make a teamcolour file be available in several mods?.

Can I make a teamcolour file be available in several mods?

Yes. There are two ways to do it, either by copying the .teamcolour into the appropriate folder for all mods or by following these instructions by Hangar-8:

The way I do it, schemes are compatible with any mod, whenever you install them. The schemes cannot be accidentally deleted and if changed can be restored to their original form. The disadvantage is that if the scheme already exists in DoW (Blood Angels for example) and you use the same name.. you'll get 2 entries in the army list. No biggie.

Create the teamcolour, rename it from scheme_1.teamcolour (scheme_2, scheme_3 or whatever) to something more descriptive e.g. Blood Angels.teamcolour. Cut and paste this file to:

..\Dawn of War\W40k\Data\art\team_colours\[racename folder]

[racename folder] being: chaos_marine_race, eldar_race, guard_race, ork_race, tau_race, necron_race or space_marine_race, whichever is appropriate.

Addition: Placing the teamcolour files (and/or pattern files as well) in the W40K directory tree WILL allow the files to work for Winter Assault as well. A good example of this is the teamcolourable Berzerkers (specifically, a WA unit), which are actually placed in the main W40K directory tree, but still work perfectly with Winter Assault.

For Dawn of War: Dark Crusade files should be put in ..\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\W40k\Data\art\team_colours\[racename folder] where [racename folder] is either one of the ones mentioned above, or tau_race or necron_race.

Can I make my teamcolour file available to my friends and others?

Yes! Skins@HWT can even help with making it available to others.

To make the skin available to your friends, simple find the file in the the relevant directory (see I've just saved a teamcolour, where is it stored?) and send it to your friend. Once they put it in the right directory, they can choose it as a colour scheme for their army. (Note: You may also need to send your friend any badges and banners that are used as well)

To submit it to Skins@HWT then rename the .teamcolour to something that describe the colours (e.g. HowlingGriffonsSpaceMarines.teamcolour or WaaaghGrimjaw.teamcolour), zip it up along with a readme and then submit the teamcolour. Alternatively, if you use a custom badge and banner then submit the army scheme.

Do the .teamcolour files have to stay named as "scheme_x.teamcolour"?

No, that is just the format that Relic usesfor auto-naming. .teamcolour files can be named as almost anything and still be used (as long as the name is alphanumeric and ends with ".teamcolour")

I've downloaded a file and it says it needs to be put within the 'Dawn of War installation folder'. Where is this?

The 'Dawn of War installation folder' is the location that you installed the Dawn of War game to. The most common location for the original CD and DVD-based installation is C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War\, although some people may have installed Dawn of War to another location.

If you are playing Dark Crusade then you will need to install to C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War - Dark Crusade\, or whichever alternate folder you installed the game to.

If you have installed the games through Steam then it will use a different directory. Right-click on the game in the Steam interface, click Properties, click the "Local Files" tab and then click "Browse Local Files…" to find the installation folder.

Note: This is only the base directory. Files will go in a folder below this - see more.

I've just saved a .teamcolour file, why has it disappeared?

It's an oddity of the way that the Mod Manager worked. Read the I've just saved a teamcolour, where is it stored? question.

Your .teamcolour hasn't, in fact, disappeared but has actually been saved in the wrong folder for the mod you are currently running. Simply copy the .teamcolour out of the mod folder it was saved into and paste it into the correct mod folder.

I've just saved a teamcolour, where is it stored?

All schemes made in the Army painter go here. The exception will be mods, and that is as follows:

Dawn of War: ..\Dawn of War\Profiles\ProfileX\[mod folder]\Schemes
Winter Assault: ..\Dawn of War\Profiles\ProfileX\[mod folder]\Schemes
Dark Crusade: ..\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\Profiles\ProfileX\[mod folder]\Schemes

where ProfileX is the folder for the profile you used (usually Profile1) and [mod folder] is a folder with the name of one of the mods you have installed and have saved data from.

Schemes are created in whichever mod was active when you boot DoW/WA. This means if you start DoW with the Steel Legion Mod active, use the Game Manager to switch to the Painter Mod and create a scheme, then when you save it it'll be in the Steel Legion mod folder under Profiles.

Thanks to Hangar-8 for this information.


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