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Crimson Fists Chapter (Complete)

Author: David Searle (Submitted by David Searle)
Category: Space Marines
Version: 1.0 Size: 2.7MB
Description: A pattern that uses the Eye colour from the Army Painter to colour the fist of the Space Marines, Force Commander and Dreadnought, as well as including a re-texture of the Scouts. The pattern can also be used to create the chapters similar to the Crimson Fists.

The Space Marines use the Crimson Fists Space Marines originally created by IBBoard and available on this site.

Download contents: readme, .wtp files for Space Marines (including assault troops and sergeants), Scouts, Force Commander and Dreadnought plus at .teamcolour file for the Crimson Fists.

Disclaimer from David: The [files other than the normal Space Marines] were done by myself although I did use some base models from other skins, and I have downloaded so many of them I can't remember where they all came from if you see your work here than I apologise please leave a note on dowfiles or send me a private message at the Relic forums and I will give you credit.

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Added: 31/05/2005 Downloads: 2496


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