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Golden Eagle Force Character Variant

Author: Hangar-8 (Submitted by Hangar-8)
Category: Space Marines
Version: 1.5 Size: 690KB
Description: Another addition to the Golden Eagles Space Marines set that adds extra details and highly charged power swords!

Please see the Golden Eagle Space Marines download page for more details on the original additions and changed to the texture, before the blue Power Sword was added.

From the author:

This version colours the Librarian and Force Commander Swords in shades of electric blue, in an attempt to fake a really charged up powersword. The effect is helped by the fact that the sword has it's own glow effect, making the blues almost seem to glow themselves. This glow also seems to offset some unfavourable lighting situations that could make the sword look flat.

File: EXE installer and uninstaller for Force Commander and Librarian textures.

Rating: 4.0 from 2 votes (1 comments)
Added: 26/11/2005 Downloads: 1084


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