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Golden Eagle Force Commander and Banner update

Author: Hangar-8 (Submitted by Hangar-8)
Category: Space Marines
Version: 1.6 Size: 741KB
Description: A small 'patch' to the v1.5 Golden Eagles set that updates the Force Commander and the Space Marine banner.

From the author:

A small update to the 1.5 Golden Eagle set, this 'patch' (for want of a better term) contains an updated Force Commander and SM banner.

Force Commander: includes updated skulls on chest and shoulder. Shoulder eagle/feathers updated for detail. This version of the FC weilds the electric blue 'overcharged' powersword. The finished 1.6 set will contain both versions (plain steel and overcharged).

Alternative SM banner: designed to match the wrinkle sheet I made for banners. Features a teamcolourable design as well, so hopefully no 2 chapter banners will be totally alike (ignoring the fact that they should have a different banner graphic). This file replaces the banners found on the Sergeant and Listening Posts.

File contents: .WTP texture for the Space Marine Force Commander and banner.

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Added: 01/06/2006 Downloads: 912


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